Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dramatic Elephant Seal Pup Births

Even though, many of the traditionally lively birthing beaches have not been richly populated as of yet as both the big adult males and females have been slow in returning to our shores, enough have showed up to contribute to this suddenly very busy early-birthing season. Last year at this time, males temded to be in the majority, but this year on some of the beaches, females and their newborn pups are just about the sole inhabitants.

Due to this sudden high concetration of pregnant females, I have been fortunate enough to witness two amazing births so far. The first one was a struggle taking about twenty minutes to complete, whereas the other that took place at sunset was extremely fast...probably less than five minutes. Watch as both pups come out tail flippers first. Then watch as the mom and her newborn pup bond by smell.

Click here to watch an exciting birthing video as a female elephant seal struggles to bring forth her pup.

Click here to watch a fascinatingly easy birth at sunset.

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